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Wanted DocQscribe MTs - Accuprime Transcription - 03-05-2013

Hi All,
We are Hyderabad-based chain of HBT company, AccuPrime Transcription Services, looking out for 1 full-time HBMT (10pm to 6am) and 1 part-time (4am to 8am) HBMTs to work on DocQscribe. No daytime work available.

Rate per line is 70 paise per line for part-timer and 80 paise per line for full-timer. Please mail your resume to

Note: Only above 2 positions are available right now, so only interested candidates are required to apply. Prior experience on DocQscribe platform is an added advantage.

Also, we are requesting the gentlmen who are experts in commenting about vendors as paying like peanuts, should ignore my message and should not reply/comment on to my post, as someone is also interested and desperate to work on this platform with their available timings.

Thanks in Advance

AccuPrime Transcription Services

Please don't abuse this post by commenting scrap.

RE: Wanted DocQscribe MTs - admin - 06-05-2013

Please do not abuse the forum. If the rate is not good, just move onto another thread. Do not comment about the price. Everybody knows, you will get what you pay for.