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Give Some Tips Of bodycare - henrymac - 20-07-2010

Hi i am henrymac please give me some advise of bodycare...waiting for reply...

RE: Give Some Tips Of bodycare - nencyderaheja - 11-12-2010

Some Tips Of bodycare:

1. Posture: Try to practice good posture.
2. Exercises: Make a habbit of doing regular exercises like walking, swimming.
3. Lift Safely: Never try to lift objects that are too heavy for you.
4. Drink Plenty of Water: It is advisable to drink at least 6-8 ounce glasses water per day.
5. Maintaining a Healthy Weight: This is an important factor for relieving back pain.

RE: Give Some Tips Of bodycare - heryander - 01-06-2011

Every person want to have the beautiful and perfect body, for that it is necessary for a person to take care of the body by make the use to good lotions, don't use artificial products on the skin, do yoga, exercise, eat salad, drink more water and many more.

RE: Give Some Tips Of bodycare - rockyarora - 09-05-2013

Taking proper care of your body is very important. It marks your position in the society and makes you look healthy and pleasing. These tips might help you:
-Take proper nutritional diet and avoid eating fast food all the time.
-Go for regular exercise, if not heavy go for light one.
-Include fruits and salads in your meal.
-drink plenty of water.
-If feeling too week take proper supplement.
-Try good lotions and anti aging cream for your skin.