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Medical Transcription Process Daily Payouts - manimagnum - 13-05-2014

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals, into text format.

Process Flow:

The client sends audio/video through FTP.

After receiving the audio/video:
The first step involves transcription of audio/video into text with client specific instructions. The second step involves proofing of the transcripts according to the audio/video with client specifics.

We send back the text files according to the format the client needs.

Client Details:

Magnum a sole proprietorship concern managed by Mr. Manigandan procures the business from top international service providers and outsources to centers.

Work Type or Type of Audio/video Details:

The Work Type Involves Hospital Account of all specialty.

1. The payout is $0.03 per line for uploadable quality.
2. The payout is daily. After submitting the work on daily basis after quality check the payment will be transferred via paypal.
3. Magnum will provide software training and process training.
4. The volume to start with we can allot 300 lines per day per seat. We can allot the work even on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday. The volume will go up to 600 lines per day based on TAT and quality.

Contract Period
The contract period is for 1 year and will be renewed every year based on the satisfactory performance of the center.

a. One time business procurement, software, and training charges of $250 per seat. Minimum the center has to opt 5 seats.
b. All necessary traveling and accommodation charges needs to be borne by the center.

c. Agreements will be made at Chennai at our consultancy office or at your place or online whichever preferable by both.

d. We do not have production house here at Chennai. We only have a consultancy office here at Chennai. All our works are outsourced. We even cannot provide reference centers due to the confidentiality agreements we have with our clients and centers. We can provide payment proofs made via paypal.

e. Magnum will provide training for three days. Only process training will be provided no pre-process training will be provided.

Potential Billing
First Month
1500 lines per day to start x $0.03 per line = $45 per day.
$45 x 26 days = $1170/-
Second Month
2500 lines per day x $0.03 per line = $75 per day.
$75 x 26 days = $1950/-
Third Month
5000 lines per day x $0.03 per line = $150 per day.
$150 x 26 days = $3900/-
As this business from transcription service provider we have huge volumes and we have the volume potential to go up to 20000 lines per center per day.
20000 lines per day x $0.03 per line = $600 per day.
$600 x 26 days = $15600
If Strict Quality and TAT guidelines will be adhered the total potential will be $15600 of billing per month and $187200 for one year.

If you have any further concerns please mail to