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Stat MediTrans - homosapien - 08-06-2016


If any one has information on [b]STAT MEDI TRANS, any one who previously worked with or knows someone who did is greatly appreciated.  I tried their site and could not find much at[/b]

Thank you very much. 


RE: Stat MediTrans - Gurpreet Singh Mehra - 12-04-2018


Stat Meditrans is a completely bogus company. They did not pay my payments due and when I reached the given office address, I was shocked to find that no such company exits. Address was completely wrong. There are many such bogus companies these days with no proper address . Kindly beware.

RE: Stat MediTrans - admin - 25-04-2018

I heard that it is closed. Many of Nuance vendors did not pay the last month salary to the workers and quietly closed offices.