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General Trancrtipition - Home Based - Heidocs - 20-10-2018

Make sure that you are adding the following information when posting the job, otherwise your post will get deleted without warning.

Type of A/c: Online
ASR/Transcription: ......  ASR
Platform: ......  Online
Rate per Line: ...... Rs 1 to 3 Per line
......  None
Company/Vendor Name: ......  SucRel Consultency Services.
Office Address: ......   Home Based
Contact Number: ......
E-mail: ......[/b]

Eligible candidates can mail your to resume to subject:  General Transcription HBT



TAT:  2-3 hours per job

Transcritpion quality with 95% - 98% -

                Direct Upload Quality           

NOTE:  Candidates with prior GT experience only should apply.

This an ASR Transcription, 

Earning Potential Rs 35000 to Rs 70000 per month.

RE: General Trancrtipition - Home Based - Nabodita Basu - 25-06-2019

I would like to work