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HIRING EDITOR SEP 2021 - AumScripts - 21-04-2021

HIRING QA (client-ready quailty)
Offline work.  Australian Transcription.
Editing:  1.20/Line
Typing:  2.20/Line
Timings 11 am to 7 pm.
Payment 15th of next month.
Required output:  800-1000 lines per day.
  • Experience more than 10 years
  • Ability to identify the sentences that are dictated wrong/don’t make sense gramatically and medically
  • Good handle on British/Australian/Indian/American accents
  • Excellent search skills on the internet.
  • Power and internet backup.
NOTE:  Only contact if you meet the above 5 prerequisites.  Candidates lacking any of the above prerequisites will be ignored.  The requirement is for client-ready quality work, NOT first level MT.
PS:  People who did not clear test in the past need not apply.

E-mail your CV to with contact number.