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Companies offering best rates
Dear Mts.

Based on my 12 years of working in the MT industry, I would like to give you some links to the companies who are stable and giving the best package. I have collected this information from my contact in the mt fields and they have worked in this company for more than 6 years and got their salary on time.

1. SMGC Bhopal - Escription

Shiva Prasad.

mobile: 9686474748
Night shift 1.25 edit and 2.50 trans, you can pend any number of files without any penalty.

Day shift Re. 1 for edit and Re 2 for trans (need to confirm)

2. Meditech, Bangalore (E-scription)

mobile #: 8754485850

90 p for edit and 1.80 for trans. Any files pended will be given half rate, i.e., 45 p for edit and 90 p for trans.

PF is available where the employer puts in 12% and 12% is deducted from monthly salary

This company needs lots of mts urgently.

3. E-dictate Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
(get the information from google.)

Trans Re. 1.50 for offline files

The E-scription companies that are mentioned have huge volumes and there will be never less work for anyone.

The rates are for DSP status only.

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