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Acusis feedback
• Really the ONLY, ONLY thing I did not have an issue with – the peanuts drop into your bank basket punctually every month even if it is only by the 11th!!!

Rates were never revised in the time I was there - have very likely not been revised even ever since Acusis was set up in 2001 


                                                Quality %
Productivity Lines per Day            85 -89.9        90-94.9        95-97.9      98 and above 
1-275                                        0.6               0.7               0.85          1
276-450                                     0.6               0.75             0.9            1.05
451-600                                     0.6               0.8              0.9            1.05
601-750                                      0.6              0.8             0.95            1.15
751+                                          0.6               0.8            1                  2

• Note the random/erratic matrix – rates do not increase some places even if slab changes 
• Note that the calculation is on a daily basis so even if you do 750 x 2 = 1500 lines a day you will be paid at the same rate as somebody who did 750 lines 

             DU – additional payments 

                                             # of doctors transcribed per month (at least 1 file per month) 
EPT                                       SILVER (1-5 doctors) GOLD (5-30 doctors) PLATINUM (30+ doctors)
From    To 
0         0                                 0.25                       0.35                       0.45
0.01     2.49                             0.20                       0.30                      0.40
2.50    4.99                              0.15                      0.25                       0.35
5        7.49                              0.10                      0.20                        0.30
7.50    9.99                             0.05                      0.15                        0.25
10       12.49                                                       0.10                        0.20
12.50  14.99                                                        0.05                       0.15
15 >15                                                                                               0.10

• never come across such a system in any other company 
• note that even if you touch 100+ doctors (like me and at least 1 colleague used to) you are paid same rate as an MT who touches just 30
• there is absolutely no guarantee from Acusis as to whether the doctors who send dictations one month will turn up with even a couple of files the next – if they do not your only option is to add another account – when they introduced VRE the # of doctors literally overnight dropped in my account to about half – whether and how this was related to VRE was unclear although I suspect it had something to do with EMR – Acusis of course feigned ignorance


• Files in your account(s) are in a single pool with access to every MT who does that account 
o Whenever the files bleed any MT can come pick up the easiest ones – the software does not impose any restrictions – the rules they prescribe are just on paper 
o They might very well bleed at unearthly hours – even if you work nights because of this you will be paid day rates 
o the pool is shared by MTs in the Philippines which is a few hours ahead time-wise so they have a jumpstart access everyday 


• VRE (that thing!!!) - quality so pathetic better off transcribing afresh – does not even take care of even basic formatting or headings – replete with nonsensical phrases – did not use the VRE text in a single file I did – frankly this was anticipated based on my previous general experience with them 
• Software is pathetic enough that you wonder why they even bother to develop the thing in-house – there are practically no useful shortcuts – to think that they charge Rs 10K for this junk at the time of joining 
• I upgraded my hardware to a dual core processor with Win7 – all applications ran faster … except AcuSuite 
• They have a systems administration department that knows practically nothing of use to MTs so much so I and my colleagues used to sort out our tech problems ourselves instead of asking them 

• What leave ???!!! – even sick leave is granted only in part 
• They send a mail before each Indian holiday to remind you to “work for the sake of customer satisfaction” 

• A brief review of the samples will leave no doubt as to the quality about which they nonetheless keep shouting from the rooftops 
• I really have no reason to believe their QA assessment was reasonable 

• Overall their functioning is so very lousy one wonders if it is easier dealing with a government department instead

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