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trump on india
Maaaaan Tamilselvan,

You have forced me to come out of hibernation after "reading" your post. My head throbs, my eyes are burning and I have developed acute constipation thanks to your post. Couldn't you at least break down the sentences in para form?

All the "talk" talked in your post by various smart assess do not know their d**k from a t*t. These wise peckers think they know all but they do not seem to realize they are dealing with a maniac who does not know what he says one second and then contradicks, sorry contradicts himself. It is very, very interesting when you reflect that this crazy bastard is fast heading for a WW III with his threats and craziness in case he makes it to the White House. It is ironic that this madman was being laughed at initially when the whole circus for running for the White House started and no one took him seriously, and now the whole world is watching with horror at the very distinct possibility of this crazy f**k actually being in the running from the Republican side unchallenged. I will leave my observations here for the moment, but read below what an 85-year-old blind woman from Bulgaria predicted (She died in 1996) among other things:

Last 44th President of USA would be an African-American and he would be the last US President. Meaning what? She also said the USA would cease to exist as a superpower. So why am I not surprised?

After Trump's arrival on the scene, it does lend a frightening scenario which is going to impact USA's relation with the rest of the world based on this stoned dickhead on mind-alternating hallucinogens where he does not seem to be able to concentrate on any one subject and just says what comes out of his d**k than from his mouth.

All in all though, it makes fun reading wondering what this pecker is going to say next.

I am off to try to unconstipate.

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