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Get Your files Auto Transcribed at 25 ps/line- This offer is for HBTs and Small MTSOs
WinkGet your files auto transcribed.....You can then just proofread and upload.Wink

Let us introduce to the MT community. We are a group of MT and Software professionals who are working together to bring automated machine transcription service (voice recognition) to the needy HBTs and small MTSOs who do offline work.

Get your voice files transcribed automatically with an accuracy of 75-90%. If the dictator's voice is clear, you can get accuracy of up to 95%, no matter how fast he/she dictates. Transcribed files are provided as plain text files.

Charge is just 25 paise/line (65 characters with spaces).

It will come in handy if you are having lack of MTs, backlogs, to maintain tat, cost cutting, willing to have more productivity in less time, etc., or even otherwise.

If you are interested, please let us know, we will be happy to provide you a free trial, so that you can assess the accuracy and decide whether you need it or not.

Mail or Chat with us at
Even though its a brilliant idea, MT companies have become smarter. At the present time, all MT work is done on the client's software where you can only download one file at a time and you cannot get exclusive access to only the audio file, which will be embedded somewhere in the software. So, the point is even though you get hold of the audio of that file, how much time it will take to VRS the audio at the company's end and send it back to the MT who has to again proof read it. For MT work that is available through FTP, its okay, but otherwise it is a strain for the MTS who will download a file, send the audio for VRS, get the VRS back, proof read the file, and upload it for each of the N number of files that they do per day. You can as well type it out and proof read yourself and upload
I have many clients (MTs and companies) who are happy with our service....
With all due respects, you have a wonderful software, but the thing is the MT process for most HBTs has undergone as sea change as stated above. However, I am not aware of the in-house process in the MT companies where your software might still be useful.
Yes, there are many companies who are having our service.
(13-07-2013, 07:28 AM)voicerecognition Wrote: Yes, there are many companies who are having our service.

Can you please send a mail to me?
That sounds good. Does this work reasonably good for tough dictators also?
Please mail your contact details to
This seems to be a good idea..please send details on my email ID
How many lines I can give you daily....

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