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WordExpander alternative to Nagarsoft's PhraseExpander
Download this free program before it gets a price tag!

It works with: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Reads its FAQ where it is stated:
"Why is it free?
We offer WordExpander as a completely free alternative to PhraseExpander because the PhraseExpander author Andrea Nagar is a copy cat. We just don't want that this idea thief makes money from our ideas."

Only problem is with their text libraries where that for Medical Phrases and that for Medical Words are the same. I have written to them of this anomaly.

If only one did not have to use the UP and DOWN arrow keys of the keyboard in the suggestion display, but rather numericals - 1, 2, 3,.... it would help maintain keyboarding speed.

Otherwise, IT Pro V for Win XP and IT Pro 7 for Win7 still remain the best text expanders. Of WordExpander one can use the updated (maybe the latest) English-Autocorrections, Medical Terms, and Drug names, etc to IT as .glo files by opening the stated TXT files in your browser, copying to your Notepad, and saving as .glo files with encoding ASCII.

Good find. Packed all libraries and the program file into one zip and made a mirror here:

[Image: phrase_expander_in_action.gif]
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