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Who is Siby ? check his stats here
Dear Friends,

it seems siby has no other work, other than commenting on other's post, arguing and making rubbish comments on other post.

check his stats:
Joined: 04-29-2013
Last Visit: Today 07:06 PM
Total Posts: 65 (0.44 posts per day | 3.19 percent of total posts)
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Time Spent Online: 16 Hours, 11 Minutes, 34 Seconds
Members Referred: 0

Every 2 days, he posts a comment. Why do not people concentrate on their own work, rather than posting rubbish comments on forums.

If he would have devoted this 16 hours to his work, he would have eared some money, but no ...he it seems he earns from posting comments in forum.

Now dear members, it is up to you to decide what to do for this guy.

He is the winner in posting comments in forum as 3.1% of total post are his.

You all can his check post in his posts and then decide his comments are worthy or not.
what is all these craps? please maintain the sanctity of this forum. if you people have time and luxury for tit for tat shits, exchange each other chat ID and befriend yourself somewhere else. dnt spoilt this valuable platform. it takes years to build up the rapport. go somewhere else jug-head. and what is this are you watching what color of shit other shits. open yourself a housekeeping firm, that would suits you better.
@ Kaushalkamlesh

I am glad you acknowledged me as the fastest blogger in this forum. I think the admin should not remove you from this forum even if he removes me... the entertainment people like you provide really keep us amused in this forum and I would not miss it even for my place in heaven (or maybe hell). I do not care about what you think of me... the fact is that I have contributed to this forum by regularly posting job links, and a lot of MTs have benefited from this. I also update the members regarding various issues or work ethics that are common in MT industry. So, I think I am doing a good job.. Regarding branding me a fraudster or whatever...I don't care even 1 cent for your thoughts.. do whatever you like. I do not earn from this forum and am least bothered even if you manage to turn 99% of the members against me.. I will post new jobs links whenever I come across because I believe in sharing a piece of cake which is very sweet. I will also post replies which will help to highlight the issues related to the MT industry.... Consider me Bhagat Singh if you like.


Don't be so serious. We talk about both rain and shine in this forum... but I admit it sometimes gets a bit nasty... but its all part of the forum.. something useful.. something amusing.

[Image: Chill-Out-Man.jpg]

Don't be that much angry. Take whatever you need from this forum and leave the nonsense you see here itself. That's the only way you can concentrate on your work.

Please check Admin's reply to one of your threads. Also, reply to the thread where you complained about a company and later wrote that you are not associated with that company. Clarify that for everyone please.
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