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Transcription Software
Have you heard of the software Centricity and Catalyst? Doctors offices who are using this software claim they do not need a transcriptionist.
With your message I thought that they are voice recognition softwares, but with a google search I found that Centricity is a medical record management software developed by GE.  I didn't find anything about Catalyst.  These are basically EMR management softwares and I don't think they harm the MT profession.

More about Centricity:
There is Nuance/Dragon software is best voice transcription spftware. It's been around for quite a while. I have not used it recently but hopefully it has improved. If your podcasts are very well and carefully spoken it might work. The problem arises when it comes across words that sound alike but aren't, so you have to proofread the results very carefully.
Yeah Dragon software very good voice transcription software, i did used its. But its not too helpful compared to transcription services.

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