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(28-01-2015, 03:23 AM)QAofrepute Wrote: If your accuracy drops below their target accuracy (which can be manipulated) they will gulp whole amount even if it is 50000 given in its contract, extremely risky, they manipulate accuracy and do not send any compare doc and deduct money and when contacted are unavailble to take calls , my friend's entire Rs 9000 was gulped, TDS deducted for 2 years but did not give any form 65 and gulped even tax money  Huh , E-dictate is big time fraud company. If you would ask me which is the worst MT company of india it is edictate, extremely bad managers aka damagers.

Tax money gulping is not fair, any company if it deducts TDS has to file returns and return the same to the accounts that it has deducted from, dunno how this company manipulated in this aspect, I also worked for E-Dictate and they were very prompt in giving me my forms and I also got my TDS though I caution users to do this only online as manual is a very cumbersome process.  

QA of repute can you suggest a good company that has regular work and payment is prompt in India to me.

You are absolutely right. I was associated with them since 2011 but due to declining health of my father and other problems, I had to take leaves during the last 3 to 4 months which were approved by the E-Dictate supervisor but the Director of Operations called me one day and asked me to resign as an employee and join as HBA and when I did not, they manipulated my quality and terminated me suddenly in one day without any notice. I also think the same is going to be done in my case. My final salary will be gulped by them. Friends management is really harsh and rude. So think before joining, they are other good companies.
Do not waste your time here. It seems they have lack of good quality people and if you have good quality, then you will be manipulated the most, you will be given more night shifts than other, you will be given more work than others and will be pressured always to do more.
if your accuracy drops below 99 they will take all your months earning
Hi, it is a very good information about these fraud companies, likewise, please post the comment about the good and prompt paying companies also, so people can work for genuine companies.
e dictate is a big time fraud, they will eat up all your money if you do much more lines with fake accuracy scores with fake client complaints etc
(24-10-2010, 10:36 PM)deepavishnu Wrote: Does anybody know about E-dictate. Pls give me details if available.
Yes, I worked for this company for 8 years as employee.  Believe me you better work as daily wage worker there you will earn more in 8 years.  I wasted my 8 years with this company, this company is bhikari company salary wise.  even they they cut employer PF contribution from our salary.  Just stay away from them

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