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Job openings in MModal - New incentive scheme, Various shift timings....
Dear Mr. T. Subramaniam:

What happened? No hear no see from you after my last big post?! Come on, it is nothing personal but then I had to get it in public somehow, even at the cost of raising BP/acidity for some because mine was a similar situation some day in the hands of the (DOZENS OF DIRTY ABUSIVE WORD AND GUTTER LOADS OF CURSES HERE) today's TLs and production managers who are what they are at MY COST and MANY OTHERS. So from that point onward, FOR ANY MALPRACTICE, TLS AND FLOOR MANAGERS ARE DEFAULTERS BY DEFAULT FOR ME - MEANING I NEVER EVER TRUST THEM. I won't mind if you forward the link to this thread to ALL known people in MModal so maybe someone will pick up the message. What say people?!
(06-11-2015, 08:14 AM)soapnote Wrote: [quote pid='8741' dateline='1446774412']
Dear Friend,

If you're already a QC I would strongly suggest you try out Acusis or any established company for TL/Junior management position, although Acusis story is NO DIFFERENT (read other posts in this forum spending some time) than the big name companies. You can just Google Acusis Complaints (ALWAYS go to and NOT which is TOTALLY useless for all MT related searches). The /ncr tag at the end means no country redirect. You will come across some posts and get an idea.

Alternatively, you can do as I do but maybe give up doing QC (less home based jobs for QCs). I have tied up with two companies (started both part time and now do one part and one full time) and I expect my income to overshoot 35K by new year and am fine tuning it to exceed 40K per month. I cannot reveal my employers or their locations. By the way, are you ALREADY working for MModal or similar big name company?! How's the situation there? Thanks if you could update.

Your Post:

Hi Soapnote: I am an QC, do you have any idea about Acusis as I am planning to join. Can I earn at least bare minimum of 30K as QC or MT (anything), or kindly suggest some good companies where I can earn at least 30K with reasonable target and less frustration. Thank you in advance.


Hellllllllllllllloooooooooooooo, Mr Soapnote, this is a forum, intended to share, not to hide and not to comment others (when anyone is free to comment on others, please have a courtesy of revealing where you are at present so that others will follow, if they like/want,)
(09-11-2015, 09:46 AM)binusebastian Wrote: once there was a lecherous bengali team leader in bangalore branch of airport road, he was known to sexually exploit women a lot and gave them undue advantages (mostly married women) and production coordinators are bribed there for good, productive files, and template files, and would assign leftover jobs to "Scapegoats" and HBTs and top level manager would "author pool" good dictators and good accounts to women who sleep with them and reason given are very funny and very silently done..managers are bad and they manage these "treason" quite efficiently; company is not bad, managers are bad...even they gulp money meant for charity...too much corruption inside, still top level managers are not able to take action against them as the corruption is deep rooted here.

I worked in airport road unit of MModal (formerly CBay).  It is owned by a Malayali man.  They show undue favoritism to Malayalee people there even though the unit is situated in Karnataka.  Managers and Team leaders are rude and inhumane there and they treat MTs like their slaves.  Totally inhumane and uncivilised management exists there.  It was a jail like experience there to MTs.
I agree with santhosh kumar. I also worked in airport road, Bangalore unit of MModal which was a hell-like experience there. They torture MTs. Actually MModal is not a MT-friendly or employee-friendly company. It is a management-oriented company. They do not have their own India website also. There is no option of taking online test for HBTs. A good company usually has an option of taking online test. Such option does not exist at all in Mmodal.
Despite hearing so many facts from the MTS, i wonder why Mmodal is still quiet?
Hello MaheshPBR:

Don't go about gathering fruit rinds, rotten fruits and peelings thrown by people; be only interested in eating and enjoying the fruits. What /how does it matter about my real identify as long as I am posting content that is useful to employees while kicks butt of fraudsters without any personal attacks or insults?! So follow if you like or else move on man. Again, as you said, THIS IS a forum. Agreed. So be ready to encounter different types of personalities and adjust accordingly instead of posting lousy comments or just ignore - simple!


Your post:Hellllllllllllllloooooooooooooo, Mr Soapnote, this is a forum, intended to share, not to hide and not to comment others (when anyone is free to comment on others, please have a courtesy of revealing where you are at present so that others will follow, if they like/want,)
dishonesty is maligning this noble profession,

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