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Looking for day & nightshift MTs and QAs
We are located in Ameerpet looking for day & nightshift MTs and QAs, please come and attend interview. Best incentive package. Salary is not a problem for right candidate. If you work for at least 15 days to one month in our office, we will consider you for HBT.

Mukta Informatics Pvt Ltd,
Sanal Pearl, 4th & 5th Floor,
Opp Big Bazar,
Hyderabad-500 016
Why do u not post under the correct category under Jobs & Offer? Are u afraid that u will get the juta there like u have been getting it at just about every forum including and Pliner. In the latter u have changed your name to that of Jyoti, Penumal, etc. Why, are u sick of posting at which has lost its sheen, and also at forum at where there are too many like u? Kahan kahan tum apne ko director dikhayega? Tere online training ko juta mil raha hai. Is it getting too hot now for you that u thought of cooling yourself in the water cooler? Angrezi to gol hai aur ab apne ko coding expert kaita hai? Isme bhi online training dega or lootega kya?

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