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fraud company
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hi folks,

I have been working for company called Grow-High for the last one year. It took me out for some unnecessary reason I am not really bothered about that, but they did not pay me salary for last month which worked for them. I have been asking them balance salary for about four months they just kept on extending dates it will be done today tomorrow and etc. If anybody is working or trying to work pls do not work for that company it happen to me it could happen to you. Angry
(14-01-2015, 01:04 PM)QAofrepute Wrote: another one is edictate if your accuracy drops to 99 from 100 they will gulp the whole amount of the month, even if it is 50000! do not work for this fraud company
Edictate is not a fraud company.  Their function is weird and process is cumbersome.  They used to give direct upload status to individual author(doctor) wise, not account wise.
Please do not associate with the vendor named "InSpirit Meditech"
It does not pay. So, be aware, never work with above company. Its
production manager is Shambhu.

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