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Medical Transcription in India Doomed??!
Hi Guys,
Share your thoughts as and when you get some in the lines of - the Countdown has already started for Medical Transcription in India - because
1. more and more MT companies are bringing their curtains down.
2. there are very few 'wanted' ads for MTs in newspapers these days.
3. voice recognition software making a mess with the job process.
3. young people are not interested in taking MT as their career because of low pay which affects MT companies adversely because of nonavailability of manpower.
4. and to top it all, work from the US has come down when compared to what was before because of EMRs

...I hope I am wrong, but I feel the countdown has indeed started for doom of MT in India...share your thoughts .....Cool
I have noticed that the work we are getting recently is of tough and ESL dictators, which is not done by the US companies. In my previous company, there were US MTs too and their work was proofreaded by the Indian PRs as the dictations were too tough. Earlier this was not the situation. We used to get mixed bag of dictations.

Small companies and vendors are merging into the source companies.

Yes..voice recognition is making the job tough due to the low pay we get working on VRS files though the quality they render is not good.

Even, I advice the guys not to take up this job as you will end up with a limited salary. Pay is not going to rise after a certain level. Listening to dictations and looking at computer screen for long hours cause hearing problems, ear infections, and eye problems.

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