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Apple I-phone 4s
Hi knowledgeable peepuls,

I have a problem.  I got an Apple I-phone which is locked.  It requires a password to unlock it.  I have tried drilling it, heating it over the fire, pressure cooking it, dropped it from Mt. Everest and asked a bulldozer to go over it.  The bulldozer broke down.  I hope you intelligent people get the point.  I COULD NOT OPEN THE DAMN THINNNNNG!!!!AAAAAAAAAARGH!

It seems that the original provider is Sprint in the US.  They were approached by someone who knew someone else who knew yet another someone else and finally these people I think were not interested in opening it.  The thing is, either I will personally have to take it to the US to unlock, have one of our "neighbors fix it for 5 bucks", try to show it Kim Kardashian's butt and hope the damn phone is human and gets a hard** and opens, and if all of that fails, just take it to the beach and have untold joy in drowning the damn thing very, very slowly.  I am sadistic, no??

Anyway, any of you bright guys and gals are always welcome to help me out as to how to overcome the password with your gifted insights.  It would really, really help.  I will say a warm prayer for you for 2 and a half days and then forget you after that.  I cannot do any better. 

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