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Hii, Plz Introduce UrSelf Here!!!

My name is Lisa, from Ohio.  I am a real newey!  I haven't really started working yet, just getting ready to take a class for the medical terminology.  I am going through a company named Transam Associates.  Has anyone heard of them?  I am really looking forward to starting the medical transcription from my home.  If any one has any suggestions or comments, they are more than welcome to let me know!! Smile
Hieee Everyone,

Surekha here, n i have been in the MT field for around 6 yrs now.  Currently I'm working from home. Stick around guys...n wait to be surprised.
Hi, My name is Ali.  I am new to Medical Transcription.  I am almost finished with my MT course and will be seeking employment shortly.  I see everyone seems to have a lot of experience...I am a bit nervous about my abilities just yet but hope to have the opportunity to grow as an MT.
Hi Everybody,

I'm anton, not yet experience at MT, for the past 6 years with back ground as bookeeping, and look add experience as MT..., with this forum I'll learn more....hope enough.-

[move]Hi Friends[/move]

I am Pankaj, am in this field for 8+ years, did my training from HeartlandDelhi, hv worked in Sar Softech and NYDOX, and am right now in Kanpur, working in a local company as Production Manager. Starting off HBT with editing work from FOCUS INFOSYS

Gud to see a community for MTs here.
(28-06-2007, 05:15 PM)mt_jrc link Wrote:hi i am from philippines, i have been working as a medical transcriptionist for 2 years. i am looking for partime jobs for home-based mt.


We are one of the leading Medical BPO based in Mumbai.
We have MT jobs for home based people . Kindly forward me your resume at or call me on 91 22 30402535.

Pankaj Verma
Mrecord, Mumbai
Hi, I am Subhash Kunk, Production Manager, Medisoft Technologies, Pune.  Have been in the transcription industry for the past 15+ years.
(28-02-2007, 08:09 PM)dhanu link Wrote:Hii, this is Dhananjay Thakur from Mumbai.  I am woring with DHS Infosystem Pvt. Ltd. since 3 years as an MT, doing 2 hrs of Transcription per day within my 8 hrs shift.

Hi Dhananjay,

You are quite fast if you complete 2 hrs files in 8 hrs.
Hi, we are AsKribe Medical Transcription Services, who provides home transcription training and jobs or send mail to 09866620123
Hi, I am Imran Khan I am working as an MT for 1 year at Sree Vasantham Infotech at salem.

I am working for 8 hours daily.

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