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What isss thisssss?
(04-03-2015, 10:15 AM)LEE76 Wrote: May be the person is a sleeping beauty and found the wonderful MT business is after all MT(empty) after a long sleep.

I advise persons fresh out of college never to enter this field. Go to retail business, ecommerce etc or start a road side tea shop.
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Dear Admin:

I just wanted to thank you for hosting this forum.  I just wanted, but not just a "thank-you."  You deserve more than that, definitely a lot more.

It was like my dream came true.  I have been with this industry now more than 15 years and there was not one good place to sh At re our experiences, hardships, requirements, earnings, opportunities, etc.............

Is there any association/organization/union which represents the hardworking MTs/PRs/QAs, who work very hard and are paid relatively very low.  Every one has a union in India, which represents them and negotiates with the Govt or the MNC giants who exploit our guys.  Dollar has grown very much through these years, but we are still paid the same old rates.  Something needs to be done and I feel this forum is the place all MTs throughout the country could express their views on this matter.

I have seen some posts here where people are using not so healthy language.  Everyone has right to express their feelings, but that does not mean they can say whatever they feel like.  Maybe you should monitor and take some action against such chats/posts.  It does not do good to anyone.  Companies like Srikari Medicos exploiting the forum.  It is an absolute waste of people's valuable time.

Thank you once again.  Hope this forum grows and keeps helping guys like me who feed their families with this work.

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