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RE: Looking for Home-Based MTs..
Dear Friends and Colleagues:

This is Krishna from AJ Technologies, Hyderabad.

This thread is posted with the purpose of requirement of HBTs, about 5 in the night shift and about 4 in the morning shift.

The timings for night shift: MT can start the work at 9 pm and work until 3 am.

The timings for day shift: MT can start the work at 6 am and work until 2 pm.

Workload expected to be processed by each MT: 200 lines in the initial 1st week and about 400 lines in the second week and 600 lines by third week.

Account Type: Hospital account. It is an online account but there are provisions for the files to be typed in Microsoft Word and upload.

TAT: 21 hours

Payment For night shift and day shift MTs: We are paying Re. 1 until they go direct and Rs. 1.50 after they go direct.

Payment will be made on 15th of every month. ICICI Bank salary account will be opened for every employee.

Groups are also welcome. People from Hyderabad would be most welcome as it will be local for us also.

Part-timers, please note the timings for you would be from 9 pm till 12 am in the night and 6 am to 10 am in the mornings.

Our email address for chatting and emailing purposes is

Interested fellow colleagues and friends may call us on:
1. 9390444566 (Bhuvanyswari)
2. 9391509350 (Krishna)
3. Landline: 040-40036949

Let us know by email if you need any clarifications in any regard.

With special thanks to the forum developers who help join bridges and build a strong Indian MT community Rolleyes


Thanks for the kind words. Employers like you make this forum more useful and a right place to look for HBT openings. Otherwise, it just becomes a discussion forum.

By the way, are you looking for direct uploaders or just transcribers? From the post, I assume that you need direct uploaders. Would it be okay for MTs to contact you for just transcribing jobs?
MT Forum is the India's largest Medical Transcriptionists Community.  Proud to be a member of it and let your colleagues know about it.
Dear Admin:

We are looking for direct uploaders only.

The other thing is there are two types of members one who run a company and others who run a unit.

The company will be stable in most cases whereas working units are not (please note there is no offence intended to anyone).

The thing is many MTs and QAs fall victims to units more than companies and that is where the badmouthing starts and this forum instead of becoming a platform or means for employment for many people becomes a place for discussion and badmouthing.

You after closely monitoring this industry for long may have understood this too well. There is once again no offence intended to all the people who are good and genuine of units.

Thanks and regards


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