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line rate should be more for home transcriptionists
Home transcriptionists are exploited by MT companies by paying less or giving tough dictations to home transcriptionists.  In home transcription companies save on these grounds - they do not need purchase computers and foot pedal, rent for office space (in case they not have their own building), do not need to give tea/coffee/meals (if they are giving these to in-house employees in subsidised rates).  After saving these much amount also they are exploiting the home transcriptionists which is unfortunate.  One main reason for this type of exploitation is home transcriptionists are not connected to one another.  There is a need to connect all the home transcriptionists all over India in facebook like groups.  That will give good space to discuss problems of home transcriptionists, their exploitation, etc.  There are forums in facebook related to medical transcription like - i.e., medical transcription forum, transcription future etc.  If anyone know more groups please discuss it in this forum.

Well said. I had to quit a job from a company due to admin, as i had some argument with him. Keeping that in mind, he did not give me easy files to me, but to others. But as my quality was good and reasonable, i had to change the company. We, though capable of giving 99% quality is being exploited by even admin people, who are all small boys. But for our fortunate, in this MT field, MT companies cannot train freshers, as companies in other field do like TCS, CTS, Wipro, as it is a job requiring patience, good grammatical knowledge of English, hearing skills, etc...MT companies they cannot produce even 10 MTs now a days, even if so, the MTs change their job due to low salaries and career perspectives being low...At least companies now should stop exploiting MTs.

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