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Fraud, Surender Ahlawath - Genesis, Greater Noida
Beware MTs/PRs/QAs, especially VENDORS of a fraud,

Surender Ahlawath, from Genesis Pvt Ltd, Greater Noida, who claims as a TL in that company does cheat:

1. By POACHING contacts of VENDOR team.
2. Exploits new comers to work night shift whole year and pays line count WITHOUT SPACES.
3. Hires innumerable number of employees though no new accounts and causes less earnings. If you join other company to compensate your earning, he does HOLD BACK your salaries. Holding even 10000+ is easy for this company.

Join NUANCE DIRECTLY instead of approaching subvendors of IMEDX (vendor).

I have proof of this person cheating in all the above ways and in coming future, he is going to face it. You people please be aware and do not cooperate with such frauds who do not work hard and live on others blood and sweat.

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