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blue matrix and dodecan qawwali is no longer amusing now

With due respects to both, I would like to tell that this marathon posting is no longer amusing because the latest posts of  genuine companies are relegated down the line while the chitter chatter of these 2 are always coming on the top.  We have to understand that a lot of people log in here to scout for good companies and such posts should be given prominence.  Though the discussion was a healthy one, its time to move on because a few companies actually posted jobs with good rates while this argument was going on and a lot of members may have missed out on them
I completely agree and I will better delete my comment in that post or else it may trigger continuation..
(21-11-2015, 01:18 PM)Pepzy Wrote: I completely agree and I will better delete my comment in that post or else it may trigger continuation..

Pepzy whether u delete or not delete your comments, many have tried Blue Matrix since they have been given repeated blunder thunder woman advertisements and MTs have already deleted Blue Matrix from their mind.

With regard to recent advertisements what Siby is telling, they are all repeated advertisements.  I advise MTs to click on user name (for example Transit Health) and go through all previous posts and response from MTs to their ads.  It is a very good feature mtforum is providing.  Many employers have not bothered to address MTs concerns like not providing shift timings, vague statutory deductions, etc.

When Nuance is giving all details, every employer should give details.  I do not see any harm in it.
I again agree.. It seems I am having an Agree Day today..
It is not Qawali, my friend,

I want to find out the Mawali who is creating the nuisance and are cheating people by their fascinating advt. of 40k and 60k.

Again I say, HBTs are remote, can't trace them and these people like BlueMatrix, Kaviraj, ..Idata...and other bandwagons....and what not, are just EXPLOITING human beings which need to be brought to task and to unveil their faces with whom they are hiding.

That's it.
Again, I agree..

I said one thing when I was tipsy and saying the same thing even after I'm tanked up but let me see what happens when I get hammered..

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