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QAofrepute is Anupam Roy from west bengal
Hi Everyone,

We came to know that who is Mr. QAofrepute?

He is Mr. Anupam Roy from West Bengal. When he writes something, he uses to write common word "ba". When we did chat with him he used same thing and caught.  He has kept his mobile switched off. Below is chat history with him that we had today.

DGroup Solutions: hi
DGroup Solutions: are you there?
anupamroy87: s
DGroup Solutions: your mobile phone is not working?
anupamroy87: k
DGroup Solutions: I am calling you
DGroup Solutions: its not working
anupamroy87: k
DGroup Solutions: on it
anupamroy87: k
DGroup Solutions: its not working
anupamroy87: tell me here ba
anupamroy87: u giving new account na?
DGroup Solutions: so you are QAforepute
anupamroy87: no
anupamroy87: who is he
DGroup Solutions: yes you are qaofrepute
anupamroy87: why what happened
DGroup Solutions: you know very well wht has hpnd
anupamroy87: nope
anupamroy87: give me another account sir
DGroup Solutions: caught you ba
anupamroy87: nope
DGroup Solutions: your ID has deactivated
anupamroy87: why?
anupamroy87: quality issue was not there?
DGroup Solutions: say sorry on MT forum otherwise we are going to take legal action against you
anupamroy87: oh
DGroup Solutions: you have time to say something
anupamroy87: k
DGroup Solutions: write on MT forum
DGroup Solutions: We do not want that you face any cyber police case
anupamroy87: s
DGroup Solutions: say sorry
DGroup Solutions: simply
DGroup Solutions: we'll not say anything
anupamroy87: give work 
DGroup Solutions: told you na
DGroup Solutions: talk about MT forum only
DGroup Solutions: We are going to write there you are qaofrepute
you can think what will happen
anupamroy87 has signed out. (12/20/2015 10:05 PM)
Last message received on 12/20 at 10:04 PM

Below is his earlier chat after that we blocked him on chat
DGroup Solutions: it will take time
DGroup Solutions: wait till then
anupamroy87: issue kya hain ?
DGroup Solutions: instruction not to work on that account
DGroup Solutions: for now
anupamroy87: jobs hain g
anupamroy87: bahut sare
DGroup Solutions: yes we are not supposed to work
DGroup Solutions: for sometime
DGroup Solutions: pls wait
anupamroy87: sarji give another account na
anupamroy87: imedx ne kuch bola hain?
anupamroy87: paisa denge na jitna files kiya?
anupamroy87: sarji humko paisa dega aaplog?
DGroup Solutions: yes
DGroup Solutions: whatever you have done
anupamroy87: thanks 
DGroup Solutions: will pay
anupamroy87: imedx wala bola hoga mujhe kaam nahi dene ko right
anupamroy87: ?
DGroup Solutions: I donot know about this
anupamroy87: ask your senior know
anupamroy87: s
anupamroy87: sir pls type one file for me can you?
DGroup Solutions: type?
anupamroy87: imedx ka test de raha hu sarji
anupamroy87: help karo tusi
DGroup Solutions: Sorry
DGroup Solutions: we cant do
anupamroy87: type kar do tusi sarji
anupamroy87: Mainu taipa na kara sakada hai

Now see his resume. See his experience. No MT company stands in MT field except edictate.

Name                                  :   Anupam Roy. 
Father’s Name                   :   Late Kalachand Roy
Date of Birth                              :     30th OCTOBER 1973.
Present Address                        :     Salt lake, LA Block, B-1/9, 2nd floor..
Permanent Address                  :     Do
Email Id                            
Phone Number                           :     9903636757 and 03323359399
Language Known                       :         Bengali, English, Hindi.
Nationality                                       :           Indian.
Cast                                                    :           General
Sex                                                      :           Male.
Marital Status                                 :           Unmarried.
Hobby                                     :        Playing Cricket, listening Music. 
Job Experience                                :           11 years; 1 year as Jmt IN KIMT Saltlake, 2 years as an SMT in Stesalit , 2 years as an SMT and then junior editor in ISPL, Transtek as Senior QA for 2 years, 1-1/2 years as direct aegis, and ASR QA in edictate for 2 years and now working for various local companies as IC of Kolkata.
Current remuneration                   :30,000 per month
Expected remuneration:               35,000 per month.
NOTE: We inquired about him in good MT companies and all are saying that he is a black listed MT. He has so many email addresses and mobile numbers.
We suggest all providers please think 100 times before giving him any work.
To all:

Don't post nasty comments. DGS Group has already filed a case with Cybercrime authorities and the required information has been handed over to them. Using abusive language over a public forum is not at all acceptable.
MT Forum is the India's largest Medical Transcriptionists Community.  Proud to be a member of it and let your colleagues know about it.
(02-02-2016, 01:11 PM)admin Wrote: To all:

Don't post nasty comments. DGS Group has already filed a case with Cybercrime authorities and the required information has been handed over to them. Using abusive language over a public forum is not at all acceptable.

I really missed this post.. Sad

I agree more than 100% what QAofrepute posted was uncalled for, but at the same time eye for an eye isn't good as well..

I just wonder on what moral grounds sunitadgs/DGS Group posted an employee's resume in a public forum on top of filing a case with Cybercrime..

Is this some sort of an open threat from DGS Group to all its ex-, present and future employees?

(Afraid as to what is going to happen..) Big Grin
Thank you OP for posting this.

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