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Escription, BayScribe, and Entrada :: Transcribers/Editors :: Immediate
Tech-Synergy welcomes applications from competent and enthusiastic Transcribers/Editors, QAs/QCs for their online accounts in Medical transcription. We are in the process of capacity building for our India Operations. We are one of the long associated vendor working with Nuance and are looking to build home-based and in-house teams for multiple accounts. 

Type of A/c: Online : Nuance-Based eScription Accounts, BayScribe, and Entrada
ASR/Transcription: ASR with 95-98% editing / 2-5% transcription
Platform: Escription, BayScribe, and Entrada
Company/Vendor Name: Tech-Synergy
Contact Number: +91-0731-4370056 and 07869689580 (Mohammad Zakir)
[b]Apply Online:  [/b]
Rate Matrix (For Night Time Work Slot :: 6 PM to 6 AM):

(1) For No Less Than 20K Lines:
      DSP: Rs. 1.50 per line
      NDSP: Rs. 0.70 per line
      QC: Rs. 0.80 per line

[b](2) For No Less Than 15K Lines but less than 20K:[/b]
      DSP: Rs. 1.35 per line
      NDSP: Rs. 0.60 per line
      QC: Rs. 0.75 per line


Rate Matrix (For Day Time Work Slot :: 6 AM to 6 PM):

(1) For No Less Than 20K Lines:

      DSP: Rs. 1.30 per line
      NDSP: Rs. 0.60 per line
      QC: Rs. 0.70 per line

[b](2) For No Less Than 15K Lines but less than 20K:[/b]      
      DSP: Rs. 1.15 per line
      NDSP: Rs. 0.50 per line
      QC: Rs. 0.65 per line

*Overall MLS should maintain a score of 99% at all times.

**Penalty for any DSP lost will be levied as straight Rs. 500.00 and MLS has to achieve DSP in 7-10 days. All the jobs submitted for DSP evaluation will be paid on TR (nonDSP) rate basis. No deductions for Major, Minor, and CPSE to the point overall accuracy of the ID is maintained to the benchmark score of 99.3%.

***All HBTs will be provided with the company’s software (TS Logs Monitor) that they have to install and must work through that only. 

****Monthly production that will be taken into account for production will only be what’s submitted through software and shows on company’s portal. No manually prepared Excel sheets or other methods will be taken into account. Personal line count can be maintained and sent for cross-checking.

****Any point in time MLS found to be manipulating lines through manipulating word document or use of False Enter Key and Spacebar, will lead to immediate termination of the MLS.

*****Once signed all the agreement with Tech-Synergy, MLS can work either in-house or home-based but must stick to schedule and also must be available on Phone and yahoo IM.

All payments will be processed final by 7th through 10th of each month. Deductions will include TDS and Professional Tax as applicable.

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