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Hello All: After reading so many posts, I have a simple formula to identify fraud companies within minutes and/or after reading a few of their threads and posting and interaction pattern:

Let us start FIRST with live examples:
1) Spectrawhiz, Indore.
2) BlueMatrix, Nashik/Mumbai.
3) Kasesh Infotech, Coimbatore.
4) JaiItrans, Salem.
5) Welcome to add your own to this list.

I am not sorry for bringing the above four MOST PROMINENT names and absolutely do not care if it sounds harsh, "hurts" someone's sentiments (your pseudo-sentiments, my foot!) , ruffles a few feathers, or rubs someone the wrong way. Looks like these company middle management (TLs/Floor Managers/other scoundrels who got hired or promoted fooling company owners) people are involved in nonstop malpractice like favoritism, partiality, TLs self allocating jobs or allocating to those who pay commissions or are of fairer sex, creating dozens of excuses and rules of HOW NOT TO PAY people for work done and all sorts of third-rate practices.

How do I know even if I NEVER WORKED for you or HAVE NEVER known anyone who worked for you? Simple: I see you guys are working your butts off to hire people and retain those you hired.

1) Tricky language and posting style.
2) Quoting too good to be true, outlandish salaries.
3) Evading questions regarding joining test result/performance, targets, work policies, etc.
4) Posting too little information disregarding the supplied TEMPLATE and insisting that candidates email them or call them (BEWARE OF DATA COLLECTING COMPANIES else you may get calls from India friendly countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Nigeria and wherever "suicide bomb and kill happy" people inhabit in large numbers).
5) Salary (which is already pathetic) dates almost approaching our NEXT BILLING DATES. These butt-holes need to understand we all have bills to pay in time; yet, they quote salary dates that are something like between 15th and 20th, or by 25th and such!
6) SPAMMING online forums to death by repeatedly posting recruitment ads.
7) Showing themselves/acting like/trying to be a very "transparent company" (IDATALLC for example who are compelled to hide their job queues by disabling and not showing ALTQ in EScription so that their internally promoted TLs/QAs and favorites can self allocate best jobs to themselves or to their favorites without being noticed or detected or matter taken up with higher ups - What a bunch of rogue scoundrels! Before this employer came on the scene, I thought transparency meant only calling your boss by first name and having glass cubicles and doors in office!)

[MY RECENT EXPERIENCE SO YOU ALL UNDERSTAND: I recently left a Delhi based company within short notice period who used to pay by 7th and suddenly started paying a week late for two consecutive months. When asked HR manager, she told me ask higher ups! I live in a decent area with less power cuts in an NRI owner's house - since January 2009. I had a hard time explaining the owner's representative why my salaries come late when other tenants (most of them in IT and BPO) pay rent between 1st and 5th! Because of these scoundrels, I feared I would have to vacate my current house some day and FACE DOZENS of other problems, like paying 2-3 thousand extra rent, waiting for Internet connection to be shifted and restored, adjusting to new neighborhood, friends/relatives/owners looking down upon us/our profession and other stressful and logistic problems! All because of BUTT-HOLE, BLOOD-SUCKER, BLOODY CHEAT SCOUNDREL EMPLOYERS WHO SHORTCHANGE US FOR OUR HARD WORK OUT OF OUR BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS!]

People applying for such companies BEWARE, YOU WILL NOT GET PAID. Stop the never-ending rabbit hole chase of your dream income and learn to sift and sort and pick and choose companies rather than being victimized. Spread news of fraud companies everywhere and anywhere you can so these scoundrels are shut down ASAP! Let us all raise our MIDDLE FINGER to such scoundrel employer offers!!
Very true,

I have raised these questions couple of months back, can read my post, especially to that BLUE MATRIX and one more Delhi/Chennai based company who hire and fire people.

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