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QAMT Looking for Home Based MT
Dear All,

Glad to be connected and see all Intel in one roof. 

Happy Diwali to you and your families, may god bless with peace, happiness, prosperity, wealth, good health, and gods blessings.

I am currently looking forward current/upcoming opening for QAMT, as Home Based. I am a Dr. with 13 years of experiences, skills, and educations.

Boyzz kindly suggest me company's without negative background and reliable in pay, package, benefits etc.

PREFERABLY, NON-Indian company with USD payments.

Kindly suggest, refer, forward and/or update me for the same.

Thank you,
Dr. Rahul
A hearty welcome to you.
May God bless you with dollars and pounds and prosperity.  May your career bloom so good that you are invited by Donald Dump, if he becomes the President that is (God forbid) to take over the healthcare services in the USA instead of earning in Indian currency in India. 
"Boyzz kindly suggest me company's without negative background and reliable in pay, package, benefits etc.  PREFERABLY, NON-Indian company with USD payments."
Which weird planet did you spring up from? This set-up does not exist given the particulars you are looking for.
As for being a doctor, big deal.  You will still have to work within the specifics desired by any MT company and your "expertise" is as good as tissue paper.  You still have to meet targets, (not patients), still rush to meet TAT, get screwed by office politics, work long hours, etc. etc.
Surprising though, you are a doctor and you want to get into this MT line which most of us would love to leave and become doctors?  Lots of moolah in being a doctor buddy.  What a strange world.  Not earning enough?
Tell you what, show me doctor tricks plus the commission you earn through clinics, medicine shops, laboratory tests, appointment-making extra bucks, etc. apart from the fat salary and I will hand over my MT job to you.
Love to hear your reply on the above.

DIAGNOSIS: Atychiphobia.

Commenting on anything and everything is patient of Indians.

Kindly be aware its US-Healthcare IT, not playground of Mathematicians, Commerce and Dropouts. I am in my core domain and its career enhancement to international platform. I do have Medical Transcription, Medical Coding, Billing and Auditing skills. (And More). Don't mistake me as newbie.

Well, to write-off neither its illegal nor required your personnel opinions.

I done in medical career more then in your imaginations and expectations, which is not to be discussed, in this platform.

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