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Beware of Fake "smartguyravi"
Hi Friends, Please beware of this fake user "smartguyravi"..... friends please don't respond to him......he is working for some company and in the name of test file he will give you his current files(today's files) and will tell you that you are not selected better luck next time within one minute.......Smartguyravi is a son of *****............

Last night he added a thread regarding job I applied and given the test and faced this I thought that others must not face I am giving this information.......after my conversation through email he deleted that thread.......he has some old threads also.......u can check.......

Wanted MTs
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smartguyravi [Image: buddy_offline.png] 
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13-09-2014, 10:52 PM (This post was last modified: 14-09-2014, 01:13 PM by admin.)

Hi Guys,

We are in need of MTs. Flexible working hours and can log in at any time.  Interested people can send their resume to Rates are 70 paise to 1.50 rupees per line. 

His email id is, phone no: 8122994606  and his name is RAVINDRAN MOHAN.......

If he is not fake then why he would delete his thread.......maybe some other persons also saw that thread.........

He is making wrong use of MT Forum.....Beware of these type of users.....

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