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Nuance and Its vendors
Now a days, Nuance is giving two accounts for an MLS who joins its workforce directly or through its vendors.  One account will be productive and another account will be a little bit difficult and the jobs will be available in that account in the afternoon also.  What vendors are doing is, they keep the productive account ID with themselves and they will give nonproductive account to the newly joined MLS with which one cannot survive and eventually they will resign.  They will give the productive ID to less experienced MLS with less pay.

One MLS who resigned and joined another vendor was told by them that his ID has been terminated by Nuance due to HIPPA compliance issue (for putting wrong signing clinician name) and it will not be activated.  Even though, he pleaded it was not done by him and it was to no avail.  That MLS has no idea what to do.

For no mistake of his, he suffered a lot and the new vendor exploited him to the core by suggesting he can obtain a new ID by giving his spouse PAN card. That worked for sometime, he was payed less, harassed with bad dictators, no jobs some days.  One more unethical practice employed by vendors is that they make two login with one ID simultaneously from different locations and it works.

One more clever thing employed by vendors is giving subcontract to groups who operate with that vendor name from different locations.  So no body knows who is responsible for the mischievous acts.

For god's sake, Donald Trump should take back the MT work back to America.
Indian medical transcription industry.....a sinking ship...
Hi friend,

It is very unfortunate what happened to you, but still genuine vendors are available, who do not do like this...Or u can try Mmodal, Imedx, Medusind, Idata, Mediscribes Bangalore.

All the best friend.
i am paid just 80p/line for transcription work and with deduction of no pay lines.  We are leaving blanks for next level to check.  if we do all correct what is the work of QA.  so why they are deducting/no pay files.  if any genuine person in this forum pls answer me.
Would love to hear about NTS and its vendors now, after the ransomware attack!

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