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Speech to Text Conversion
Transcription earnings are directly proportional to the productivity these days, the higher the productivity, the higher the returns.  It is also a fact that one transcribed line equals to two proofreading lines.  Hence, we help you by converting your audio files to text, which you can proofread and upload to your client.  This way, your productivity will increase, generating additional revenue within the same amount of time.

Quality of the output text depends on many factors, i.e. doctor's accent/speed/voice clarity/and the number of samples you are able to provide for each dictator. We personally involve in this process and put in a lot of effort with each dictator to achieve required accuracy and for good doctors obviously you will get very high accuracy.  We can help you with clean text.  Despite our efforts, if we are unable to give you good output after 30 days time, we will not charge for such doctors.  We already helped couple of companies with this process and they experienced significant reduction in cost and as well as enhanced productivity at individual level.

In the absence of VR Text, even the easy/moderate file also requires your effort with transcription, only resulting in less productivity.

Up to 20,000 lines per month:  Flat 3500 rupees per month.
20,000-40000 lines per month:  Flat 5000 rupees per month.

Up to 50,000 lines per month:  Flat 0.30 rupees.
50,000-100,000 lines per month:  0.25 paise per line.
Above 100,000 lines:  0.20 paise per line

You will be given your individual folder access where you need to put the voice files in INPUT folder and automatically the text file come into OUTPUT folder.

Please mail your requirements to
Mobile:  8919037987Make sure that you are adding the following information when posting the job, otherwise your post will get deleted without warning.

Type of A/c: Offline/Online
Rate per Line: (for HBT Opening)
Company/Vendor Name:
Office Address:
Contact Number:

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