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SPD Solutions looking for home based Medical Transcriptionists
We have advertised here before but for people new to the site or industry, here is a small introduction, SPD Solutions is  a small company which is employee focused and which does not need to shop around for work as it has more work than it can handle even in these trying times. We work on the Emdat Platform and the work is Australian, both VR and non VR. Since we started we have ALWAYS paid our employees on time which used to be the 1st of the month but now has moved to the 2nd or the first working day if 2nd is a holiday and till we operate we will continue doing so. While we do not have deductions based on error nor do we insist on night shifts the only caveat is that we hire the best possible because the work we deliver is the best in Australia. 

We are looking for people at all levels but specially people who are proficient in English and can do the final checks to deliver the file to the client. Rates are a non issue because we will match anyone if the person is worth it but we are paying above industry standards. 

For people who have seen our ads before or who know of us, we are still here , still paying on time, still small and employee focused, still overloaded with work , still matching the largest in terms of payments and doing better in terms of employee treatment BUT still have a single HR person fielding a lot of applications so please bear with us if there are communication issues.

If any of you has worked for us and had any issues please by all means reply on this thread so that everyone knows. But if you have applied and got rejected or applied never heard back , please apply again instead of trying to bring us down. Please realise there are 1000s of MT companies in India both big and large and we firmly believe we are not the same but if you feel otherwise nothing is stopping you from working for another company.

If any of this makes sense and you would like to know more because you think you can be a part of our team, please apply through .
We have received at least 500 applications. For the amount of interest shown in SPD, we are very grateful, our people are what give us our livelihood so thank you. Unfortunately everyone may not qualify but if you face any problems with communication as in test given no response, please leave a comment here with name and date of application. Times are tough globally with the virus but luckily as far as medical transcription goes working from home is not new to MTs and even if doctor's do Skype appointments they still need transcriptionists so there has been no loss of volume. Once again thank you for applying and anyone who has not please do consider us as a potential employer and apply.
Hiii m narasimha from Bangalore, have experience of around 12 years in MT (US), currently working in radiology typist in hospital, looking for part time work in evening, ready to do offline or online both typing and editing
Hiii m narasimha from Bangalore, have experience of around 12 years in MT (US), currently working in radiology typist in hospital, looking for part time work in evening, ready to do offline or online both typing and editing, my contact number is 8892161387 and 8660789218
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It is very important to state that given the current situation we have shut down all offices and all employees are now working from home so if you intend to apply you do need to be able to wok from home

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