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Autocorrect entries backup macro & tutorial
I find this macro very helpful to keep a backup of my autocorrect entries. When I have to work on my friend's system, I just import the backup into that system and Word will be ready with all my autocorrect entries.

Download the autocorrect macro  HERE

Set the macro security level in MS Word to "Low" as shown in the screenshot.

[Image: macrovc8.jpg]
[Image: macro2ui5.jpg]

Unzip the file and extract the macro to your desktop. Click on it and it will be opened up by the MS Word and pops up the below window with "Backup" and "Restore" options.

If you click on "Backup," it will extract all autocorrect entries into a documented called AutoCorrect Entries.Doc, which you can import later from the same macro.

[Image: autocorrecteg8.jpg]

When you need to restore from the backup file, choose "Restore" option. It will open a browsing window to select the AutoCorrect Entries.Doc file. Select it and it will restore all the entries from that file.

[Image: autocorrect2zs9.jpg]

Still need help or facing problems with this macro? Post here and I will guide you.

Good work Kiran! Keep it up.
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Thanks.  itz good

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