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is MT work good to join in todays situation?
I am Sarvesh here.

The MT (Medical Transcription) Industry is going well now in India, so you no need to worry about the MT field.

I am in this MT field for the past 12 years, now working as a QC, it is really going good. So go ahead with this industry.

Even if Speech Recognition tools and EMR is there, the work is going in full swing. If you need any suggestions please contact me in my email id:


Like Speech Recognition, EMR will not make any damage to MT field. Now, all the major companies have their own EMR/EHR software. They simply customized an option for Transcription in these softwares. So, Transcription is a part of EMR process now in US. Now, the doctors who transitioned to EMR can use this option of Transcription and continue to dictate as they were doing previously.

Also, Indian MT Industry has become much much strong compared to 2000's. Now all the big players have their base in India whether it is Nuance or M'Modal. Other big fact; Medical Transcription is not only limited to US Projects now. The work is flowing from every part of the Globe now, eg. UK, UAE, Australia, Canada.

So, in a way, Happy News for all in Medical Transcription Industry because when competition becomes tight to grab good resource, Salary Packages and Line Count Rates are also going to raise.

So, in my view point, the demand for good talents will be doubled in coming years.
Be it MT or any other profession, ultimately it is the skill set of an individual that would set her/him apart from the rest.  I have been hearing for the last 10 (of my 15 years) that this industry is going to "die".  I DISAGREE. The industry has definitely matured, evolved and moved from low-end basic typing to higher end where proofing skills are more sought after and would definitely be wanted in the future that is forseeable.  Only those that are able to keep pace with the evolution and adapt to a changing environment would survive but that is true for every industry from auto manufacture to hospitality services industry - keep pace with time and reinvent yourself to cater better to the customer.  I have worked with this industry for the last decade and a half starting from as an MT to managing teams of 80 people until moving to entrepreneurship.  I have evolved and adapted and continue to enjoy my work.  There were immense speculation at a time when the industry was shifting to speech engines and there is a deja vu as we move to EMR in a bid to bring costs down.  There will be more changes in time to come and that is a good thing rather than being in an industry where age-old methods are used for centuries.  For such people looking at static environment, may be cottage industry or handloom activity might just suit.  Thanks.
(01-12-2013, 11:48 AM)sekhar13515 Wrote:
(24-11-2013, 05:08 AM)venugopalarao Wrote: If you are good at English, want to take as profession seriously, join in this Medical Transcription, next 10 years this field surely will be there. Simply one thing observe in this forum and hundreds of medical transcription job postings are happening, if it is dying why companies need people.

One thing is true that this field faced lot of up and downs as it will be there in every field. In 2000, problem happened and 2010. Now the field is ok.

Reg vizag, already 5 Medical transcription companies are there, we also started 30 seater production center recently in vizag.

One thing you see, Mmodel (stanley-morgan), nuance etc companies are investing hundreds of crores still now also, without doing survey will they invest?
Because in US, a rule has been passed that by 2016, that every physician or hospital should use outsourcing ..and also they are giving discount on joining EMR for them.
That's the case for fear of this dyeing business.

Big Grin All are false facts. MT industry is the next best industry after software. Good to work from home. You will get good money. I have been in this field for over 7 years. Big Grin
Newcomers who are looking into entering the field of medical transcription as their career should read the real facts expressed by these two links.
Newcomers who are looking into entering the field of medical transcription as their career should read this link also:
(24-12-2014, 01:02 PM)anand33 Wrote: Newcomers who are looking into entering the field of medical transcription as their career should read this link also:

The articles you have mentioned are very old.  One article was written in 2009 (naveen) and the other one in 2012 (by raj).  At that time a team manager working with Nuance was also skeptical about MT industry with regards to EMR and said he is not sure whether the industry will be there in 2015.  But things have changed since 2014, all companies want MTs.  Even Nuance came to this forum seeking (begging) MTs.  Look at MModal how aggressively they are going.  As discussed in one article by naveen young people can get into MT field and pursue  higher studies which is very costly now a days without burdening their parents.  A mere higher education will not fetch good job these days.  Only confidence and capability will take you forward.  of course earning depends upon hard work and capability in all fields.  MT industry is not exceptional to this.  I am only against unethical and biased practices pursued by the MT companies and team leaders.  Cheers.
Even though the articles are old ones they still hold good regarding the facts of MT field. After the coming of VRS now companies need only proofers and QAs that means home MT work is available for those who can independently manage the files up to the 98.5% or 99% level because VRS platforms do not allow more levels (like junior MT, senior MT, proofer, editor, quality analyst etc) to cut down the costs. According to the levels raising living costs and inflation MT rates are not revised, remained stagnant. MT salaries also remained stagnant. MT is not a worth field to take as a profession because there is no growth in salary according to experience and expertise. MT field is not just a typist task. It requires a scientist's innovative intelligence to find out the words. MT companies are not giving proper remuneration to such innovative intelligence. That is why now innovative intelligence people are not entering MT field because pay is very less compared to the living costs and inflation in recent days compared to other fields and employment opportunities available.

Nowadays home MT is available only to proofer/editor/QA talented people only because of the VRS platforms which do not allow much levels of work. They allow only limited blanks if not known by the MTs. So there is very limited growth proofer or editor and QA only. Other managerial posts like team leaders, production manager posts are very very limited and so not every one achieve that.

Most of the US MT works nowadays prefer night shift which is unnecessary for home MTs waking against the natural laws ie waking at night which is unnatural. MT companies should give work to home MTs day time only because there are no costs involved to companies like rent, investment on computers, internet charges etc. (while in a office setting utilising systems and more production is beneficiary as the systems are empty during night without work while in the case of home MTs things like that does not matter.
MT industry is under threat and the growth is very minimal. There are various factors, voice recognition, EMR adoption, budget cuts at hospitals. Several hospitals are forcing their physicians to eliminate dictation and to use templates within the EMR. Voice recognition has improved significantly over the past few years and there are 100's of apps on iphones and ipads to make a physicians job easier. The younger physicians coming into the profession are tech savy enough to use new technology. I do not see this profession growing any longer. I see significant growth in other related healthcare technology fields. I am speaking from over 15 years of MT experience.
(24-12-2012, 01:47 PM)sofia Wrote: i am new here. hello all. iam thinking of joining mt course in vizag but iam very confused about the currant situation regarding mt. is it worthwhile to join mt will i get work after doing the course? i heard that its not the best time as we have speech recognition tools and then there is  EMR  something happening in america so mts in india will be out of work soon.what is the scope now for those who want to do mt course? those in the field and seniors please provide with info as it will be very very helpful for me and other people like me.thank you.

If you have no other choice at all, then join MT.

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