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is MT work good to join in todays situation?
(26-12-2012, 09:04 PM)naveen Wrote: It is a dying profession. Don't join MT. Read more about it here:
about to be dead is the right word if you may say so. still good enough for some pocket money but who will invest so much for pocket money is the question. example i earned rs 200 (about 250-280 lines) between 1930 hours and 0000 hours today 26 june 2017. THERE ARE NO FILES. if that is enough for anyone's needs it is a good profession. by the way the company i work for pays on time and honestly, a rare feature with mt companies.

by the way i could not access this url

thanks and regards
sumanta sen
(05-09-2013, 06:23 PM)S. Rajavelu Wrote:
(27-07-2013, 10:05 AM)gspal Wrote:
(09-04-2013, 02:50 PM)tc.bhuvana Wrote: "Dying profession" oh my god.. are the job opportunities getting low?

Work from an office and u will earn well after a couple of years. Later u may work from home in a group of 3-4 HBMTs to continue to earn well as you can take 2-3 accounts. However, even after office experience, if u attempt to work alone from home then you will be EMPTY rather than MT. This is my experienced personal opinion and on top of that you will lose hard earned earlier office based MT skills.

I totally disagree on the above on certain aspects, but agree on most of the aspects.

Working from home will never leave you empty as far as you are fully equipped with necessary skills for which you require at least 1-2 years of in-house experience (or even less) depending on the caliber of your learning abilities.  The life in his field will not be that bad after a getting the much required experience and knowledge.  I would only say those negative comments are unnecessary and would only come from those who are unwilling to explore their potentials.  The more you equip with medical terminologies and other aspects that are required for this medical transcription work, the more are your chances of earning equivalent to a software engineer.

All the best to become a successful medical transcriptionist!
the story in 2013 was not so bad. today it is terrible to say the least.
I quote "I would only say those negative comments are unnecessary and would only come from those who are unwilling to explore their potentials."
what potential are you referring to my dear friend? can you specify???
"The more you equip with medical terminologies and other aspects that are required for this medical transcription work, the more are your chances of earning equivalent to a software engineer."
the last phrase (after the comma) is a common selling pitch of mt training institutes. i will not be surprised if the person posting this message is one of them. software engineers are themselves in a fix today, thanks to trump. this business of body shopping is more or less over and rightly so. in fact any profession which is dictated by forces outside the country is not a safe profession.
example i earned rs 200 (about 250-280 lines) between 1930 hours and midnight today monday 26 june 2017. THERE ARE NO FILES. i earn average rs 600 between 1600 hours and 0100 hours tuesday to friday and half of that the remaining three days. max 15000 a month, mostly around 13-14 K. i understand this amount is probably better than a software engineer who has recently been shown the red card (pink slip) by a TCS or WIPRO. however the question is is this amount (rs 15000) enough for anyone's basic needs, forget about saving for old age, emergencies, etc ??? or to put it across in a different way is it not less than or equal to a menial job???? i am by no means looking down upon a menial job but then what does one gain by years of education if basic necessities are not met???  i am lucky as i am a govt pensioner and earn about rs 8000 a month of pension and earn some rent (rs 5000) from my parents' house and live in my own house (no house rent).  but when i think of people who have to support a family, pay house rent, school fees for children etc and save a little for old age or emergencies, etc i shrudder at the thought. worse still are the people fooled by these mt training institutes even today who give them a world of dreams "of earning equivalent to a software engineer" and leave them out cold after taking the money.
by the way i am grateful to almighty god that the company i work for for the last 6 years pays on time and honestly, again a rare feature with mt companies at least here in india.
(15-12-2014, 02:38 PM)Suresh S Wrote:
(01-12-2013, 11:48 AM)sekhar13515 Wrote:
(24-11-2013, 05:08 AM)venugopalarao Wrote: If you are good at English, want to take as profession seriously, join in this Medical Transcription, next 10 years this field surely will be there. Simply one thing observe in this forum and hundreds of medical transcription job postings are happening, if it is dying why companies need people.

One thing is true that this field faced lot of up and downs as it will be there in every field. In 2000, problem happened and 2010. Now the field is ok.

Reg vizag, already 5 Medical transcription companies are there, we also started 30 seater production center recently in vizag.

One thing you see, Mmodel (stanley-morgan), nuance etc companies are investing hundreds of crores still now also, without doing survey will they invest?
Because in US, a rule has been passed that by 2016, that every physician or hospital should use outsourcing ..and also they are giving discount on joining EMR for them.
That's the case for fear of this dyeing business.

Big Grin  All are false facts.  MT industry is the next best industry after software.  Good to work from home.  You will get good money.  I have been in this field for over 7 years.   Big Grin

guys help me with a decent job and not good dreams. i am running out of options.  i have been doing this mt job since the last nearly 10 years and now getting desperate. 
a) to quote "one thing observe in this forum and hundreds of medical transcription job postings are happening, if it is dying why companies need people"
most of these companies are one room companies who dont (for god knows what reason) advertise in,, timesjobs etc. and there is no guarantee of payment. i can quote you half a dozen if any of you so desire.
b) to quote again "Mmodel (stanley-morgan), nuance etc companies are investing hundreds of crores" both keep on changing names (something fishy, tata or reliance do not change names every few years). mmodal formerly cbay systems and nuance formerly focus. i am experienced with both (cbay for nearly 3 years and focus for 3 months before joining cbay) and both are awful.
i) they never meet their promises with employees and ii) they are not honest with payment.
i dont know whom you are fooling, yourself or the readers? or are you from some medical transcription training institute.
for any clarifications or questions call me at 09900362047 or whatsapp 09900682477 or email
your reply is awaited.
(08-12-2014, 09:15 PM)zenithscribe Wrote: Be it MT or any other profession, ultimately it is the skill set of an individual that would set her/him apart from the rest.  I have been hearing for the last 10 (of my 15 years) that this industry is going to "die".  I DISAGREE. The industry has definitely matured, evolved and moved from low-end basic typing to higher end where proofing skills are more sought after and would definitely be wanted in the future that is forseeable.  Only those that are able to keep pace with the evolution and adapt to a changing environment would survive but that is true for every industry from auto manufacture to hospitality services industry - keep pace with time and reinvent yourself to cater better to the customer.  I have worked with this industry for the last decade and a half starting from as an MT to managing teams of 80 people until moving to entrepreneurship.  I have evolved and adapted and continue to enjoy my work.  There were immense speculation at a time when the industry was shifting to speech engines and there is a deja vu as we move to EMR in a bid to bring costs down.  There will be more changes in time to come and that is a good thing rather than being in an industry where age-old methods are used for centuries.  For such people looking at static environment, may be cottage industry or handloom activity might just suit.  Thanks.
i heard you pay on 16th of every month. except the really desperate and someone who is willing to take real high risks, no one will come to you. as far as enjoying work is concerned, you may enjoy but once in a while do give a thought to that person who has to wait until the 16th or maybe more to get his salary. he is definitely not enjoying.... changing email ids dont help ....

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