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VR Software
Cyber Crime Police is the specific department in police for investigating these type of things.

Few years ago, the company for which I was working was raided and summoned not to use the pirated Microsoft Office. It had paid a huge amount as penalty and switched to Open Office.

Also, one my friends works for a software company, which makes fonts. It has employed a lot of people to go to the DTP operators to inspect the software whether it is genuine or not. If its is found pirated, they are warned to stop using the software and purchase genuine one. If repeated, a file is booked against the operator.

This department is strengthening day-by-day and be careful.

(23-02-2013, 10:19 AM)mt4life Wrote:
(22-02-2013, 06:27 PM)admin Wrote: So, what was that? Please do not post any software that is not free/open source/shareware or a trial software. Already, cyber crime department has filed a case against one of the forum members. Please be careful with any links or hate speech.

If you think it was a mistake, please post the link again and we will inspect it and let it allow.

(22-02-2013, 01:19 PM)mt4life Wrote: How did you came to the conclusion that it was a pirated software? Just because it is a torrent does not mean it is a pirate software.

You should make a thread and mention the details about the case you are referring too. I did not know Indian cyber crime police has nothing else to do than going after MTs with "pirated" softwares.
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However, the Cyber Crime Police of India is ineffective against MLMs, Pyramid Schemes, and money Laundering Schemes through the virtual net, though without an office in India but targeting the Indian public with its get rich quick schemes. Remember, Sohonet India of yesteryears that was operated by a Raj from Hyderabad that made a lot of money offering medical and general transcription work for 15k registration per person. Though Cyber Crime, Mumbai, shut his Sohonet without any compensation to those who were cheated, Raj operates another outfit through Chennai to milk the Indians dry.

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