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Voice Recognition Software- Time Bomb for the whole of MT industry.
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The employment of Voice Recognition Software in transcribing reports is sure to pave way for self destruction of the MT industry in India. This is because while it already robs the job of a transcriptionist, it types out all rubbish without any formatting (good reports are given only if the dictator is very clear) and all the rubbish gets dumped on the head of the editor/QA, who is again pressurized to meet target, which obviously is very difficult due to the garbage he/she has to sort out. I think the MT companies should stirr out of their dreams and get rid of this shit software or else they soon are going to close down due to non-availability of quality editors/QAs.
Yes....I agree with you. Currently I work in a company, which has deployed the VRS. Files will through the VRS and only one guy edits it and sends directly to the hospital. Company saves a lot of money as there are no PRs and QAs.

But, some files that come through VRS is rubbish. It just transcribes only 10% to 20% and makes the direct uploader to spend lot of time. As we have to meet the target, we feel a lot of pressure on us.


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